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There is truly no other fitness club like Fit 12! We offer the most upscale amenities to our members for a price that can fit almost any budget. At Fit 12 it is simple to customize a great package that gives you all the options you could want! You have the choice to start a basic membership at only $12 a month and you can add services as you like to make your Fit 12 experience exactly what you want! Our friendly staff is always available to assist you every step of the way.

With the industries best equipment including free motion machines, ellipticals, treadmills and so much more you can customize a workout that is perfect for your fitness goals! By adding services like Red Light Therapy, Tanning and Hydro Massage Therapy you will not only be looking your best but you will feel better than you ever have without spending a fortune to do it! Fit 12 truly offers a lifestyle change and when you make the choice to start you will feel the change immediately!

Fit 12 is a 24 hour fitness center offering unbeatable amenities and service in
Minnetonka, MN. Fit 12 can customize an affordable package for you that can
include as many of our great amenities as you want! At Fit 12 you are in
complete control of your health and fitness experience!
11064 Cedar Lake Road
Minnetonka, MN 55305
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Anti Aging
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HydroMassage Therapy Beds
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Fit 12
At Fit 12 fitness is a lifestyle. We have
experienced and highly qualified trainers
waiting to help you set and reach goals
that will not only improve your health but
give you the tools to change your lifestyle.
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Take the challenge of Warrior Boot Camp at Fit 12!
This military inspired camp will give you tools to
reach your fitness goals while enjoying a fun group setting!
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